How to add the cookie consent popup on my website

How to add the cookie consent popup on my website

With passing of law 2009/136/ec the DDPR (general data protection regulation) raised a policy, stating that all websites from the European Union must notify it's website visitors that their cookies were being tracked by that website. Therefore, it is essential now that website owners who either live in the European Union or have some traffic coming from the European Union, comply with the new 'cookie law'. Unless you have a small business only operating in a country outside of the EU, you will need a cookie consent popup. In order to comply, you must have a cookie consent popup that is displayed on the front of your website. It must give the visitor the option to accept or decline cookies. There are many options available to website users to get their own cookie consent popup. Here is my best suggestion for users who use the WordPress platform. Its free and easy to do in 5 simple steps. So here is how to add the cookie consent popup to your website.

[Disclaimer] This is not legal advice, I am not trained in any form of law/compliance. I am not associated or affiliated with any plugin. I am purely doing this to be helpful and raise awareness.

Click here to find out more about the EU cookie law on my blog post on digital bloggers platform.


Log into your WordPress account and click on the Plugins section. Hit Search and type ‘Cookie Consent’

plugin select

At time of writing, GDPR cookie Consent is the first plugin that pops up. It has over 500 000 active installations and 4.5 review.  Click on install now, then activate.

NOTE: I originally first installed ‘Cookie notice for GDPR’ but I could not customize the color of the buttons to match the theme of my website, therefore, I ended up deleting it.


Click on update Settings for the plugin.

website cookie picture

Click to show the cookie bar as showing ‘on’. Next choose if you want it to show on the top of your page (header) or bottom of your page (footer), most people prefer footer. Keep it sticky so it doesn’t go away and don’t allow the bar to be auto hide if the user scrolls past it, you generally want the user to click to acknowledge the cookie policy.


Click the next tab across to customize your cookie bar

cookie consent picture

Don’t worry about the message header, you don’t need it. Next, type the text you want to show on your banner. Keep it short and simple, you don’t want your visitor wasting time reading a long cookie policy. Also choose the color of the pop up box and text inside so its congruent with your website.


This step is the most important. Click on customize buttons

GDPR cookie consent picture

The first tab is for accept, so just fill it out as normal. The next tab is the reject button that allows users to decline having their cookies tacked. The DDPR now stipulates that the visitor must be given the option to reject having their cookies tracked. A lot of plugins or websites I’ve checked out only give the notification that cookies are being tracked, this is no longer compliant.

Now, click the read more link. This gives the user the option to read more about cookies. Its important to have a privacy policy on your website, to be clear and transparent in what your doing. Use the read more link to link the visitor to your privacy policy. If you don’t have one, you can view my privacy policy here. You can see how I have worded my policy and feel free to reword it for your own use if you like.

Step 5

Lastly, click save at the bottom (don’t worry about the advanced tab). Refresh your website and check out your new cookie consent popup. Make sure to test it out and make sure its working correctly and your all done. Here’s a picture of how my cookie consent popup looks.

my worldwide office cookie consent


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