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Why your business needs Social Media

Whether you own your own small business or work for a relatively large business, let me ask you a question, how good are your Social Media business accounts? Because today, if you your business doesn't have a strong social media presence, doesn't respond promptly to customer questions and does not leverage the advantages of all the social media platforms, then your business is seriously missing out.

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LinkedIn created LinkedIn Learning, which provides users thousands of educational and how-to videos.

If you  are inexperienced in Social Media, there are plenty of ways to to lean how to start using social media to boost your business. LinkedIn learning is a social media platform that has hundreds of training videos on all the social media platforms. The online training program I'm currently on, comes with a LinkedIn learning membership, check it out here if you like.  Of course, YouTube is great and has thousands of helpful videos on social media too.

I state it often throughout my blogs, but the point remains clear, anything that can go online, will go online and we all need to improve our online competence to better ourselves and business.  The old traditional forms of marketing are dead, like billboard adds and magazines. The new way to market is through the internet and social media platforms are at the head of this. There is 3.499 billions active social media users today ( That's possibly 3.499 billion online customers at your fingertips.

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Every month, 80% of 18-49 year olds watch YouTube

Social media is different to traditional advertising because the tone is a lot more conversational.  Generally the nature of communication through social media is relaxed and friendly. Corporate sales lingo are not received well on social media, save that for your website if its appropriate. The benefit of having a strong business social media presence is that it gives your business a personal touch. People don't want to give their money to a generic logo, they want to speak and hear from a real person. They want to know who the person is behind the scenes, speaking through that social media profile.  By having a social media presence for your business, you can exchange information with people on a human level, not just through a professional sales tone email. Keep your tone on social media fun and informative, while still remaining professional. Let the personality of your business shine through your social media platforms.

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71% of US businesses use Instagram

Social media can be so powerful because if used right, its free advertising. If a Facebook user likes your post, friends of  that user will get a notification on their news about your business post. If a Twitter user re-tweets a tweet of yours, all of that's users following will see your tweet. If and Instagram user tags your business products in their Instagram picture, all of their friends will see your business tag when they view the picture. All of this equals completely free promotion and advertising of your business and all you have done is create a 30 second post on social media.

This is why engagement with your customers through social media is so important. The best companies on social media, ALWAYS reply to comments and questions. Would you ignore a customer that asked a question in your store? No, of course you would not. Your social media platforms act as mini store fronts. You should always respond to legitimate questions and queries, because if you don't, your customer will likely go to a competitor. A couple of exchanged comments between yourself and a customer on a social media post can do wonders in establishing trust and a loyal customer for life.

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Facebook is the largest platform, with 2.7 billion users -

The key to using social media is to post consistent content. There is little point posting something if you only post once every 3 months. Consistency creates familiarity and familiarity creates trust. Try to post as often as possible, so your business remains in the back of your customers mind and is the first thing a customer thinks of when they think of products and services in your industry.

Social media also lets you understand your customers needs and habits. For example, if you are running a paid Facebook add, you can track data from your website about your adds conversion rates, meaning you can learn what your customers like and what your customers didn't like so much. Applications like Facebook Pixel are great for this.

Social media can also help your business find new groups of customers that were not previously exposed to your brand. It's no secret that millennial are regular users of social media, with 88% of them in the digital social world ( However, the other generations are also catching up, with 77.5% of generation X on social media and  the baby boomers just about to reach half (

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Google Plus was Googles answer to Facebook and remains one of their biggest failures

What social media platform should you use? The answer is ideally as many as you can. This is because you don't own the content on social media, the particular platform does. So if the social media platform becomes extinct, you loose all your hard work. For example, social networking site Google Plus was shut down in March of 2019 after software bugs and low interactivity, leaving 111 millions users behind. Try to be active on the top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. WhatsAPP also has 1.3 billion users and now with a business application, it's definitely worth using to connect and interact conveniently with potential customers and clients.

If you are someone that wants to improve your business or start your own online business, check out my FREE 7 day online video series that teaches you numerous online marketing techniques and how to work full time online just through your laptop.


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