Why Online Learning beats University

Online learning is the future of education. Anything than can go online, WILL go online and education is no different. As time changes and technology advances, there is a need to adapt our education syllabus to include more and more learning about the online business world. The problem is, the same universities and colleges are still teaching the same information that they were teaching 20 years ago. To my knowledge, there is no university course out there that teaches you how to work online and create your own digital business. Like Sanity music store and Blockbuster video, universities are outdated and you can get a far better product online and for way cheaper!

Step forward, Online Learning!

rich dad poor dad book

Robert Kiyosaki's book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, is a must read for anyone considering online learning or entrepreneurship. (Hes the owner of the Rich Dad Youtube Chanel)

When I talk about online learning I don't mean just doing a university course online. I mean going out there and finding the thousands of online learning platforms and courses available. YouTube is a goldmine for free educational videos on everything online learning like, starting your own online business or the newest digital marketing strategies. YouTube channels like The Rich Dad Channel and Nick Patel are excellent starting points in building up your online learning knowledge.

Linked In learning is also a fantastic platform to check out. It features over 13 000 expert lead courses. Some examples of the courses are how to create an iPhone app, create a word press website, how to become a master at Photoshop, help with Microsoft Word and thousands of other courses on everything online business. The courses are by individuals who are actually recognized as success stories in their business fields, opposed to an old fart university professor. Its about $39.99 per month. I would normally think this is expensive, but when you compare it to what a university degree is per month, its peanuts.

There is also a bunch of online learning programs that you can join that will teach you step by step, everything and anything to do with working online. The best thing about these programs is that they are practical. The online program I am a member of actually teaches you how to set up an online business, so you can work for yourself, with just your laptop. It teaches you how to create websites, sales funnels, social media marketing and building email lists. You create this, all as you are learning, so that you learn the practical skills along with the theory. The most attractive part is that you can earn as you learn, by learning how to be an affiliate. Therefore, if you apply yourself to the training, you can earn money through the websites and marketing campaigns you made in the training. If you would like to check out the online program I'm using click here.


Estimated 37% of internet users use Netflix (https://www.statista.com) This reinforces the upsurge of the digital world we now live in

Online learning beats university because its relative to society today. Its the Netflix or Amazon of the education world.  Online learning will teach you how to be successful working online and working online is only going to get more and more common.  The National Retail Federation announced in 2018 that by the year 2024, e-commerce would be overtaking traditional retail. The future of online shopping as we know it, will soon be more common that a regular retail store. Yet, the majority of University degrees still view business as a brick and mortar store. The future of business is digital business. Your storefront is now the front page of your website.

The costs of online learning compared to traditional university education, just make it a no brainier. Why would you want to go into tens of thousands of dollars into debt, when there is not even a guarantee of work after you have finished. When you start online learning, you can apply the learning straight away. That's what its all about. You don't need to do it for 3 or 5 years like university or college. Online learning is simplistic, fast and cheap. When you compare a online learning course at $100 a month, its nothing compared to a 30,40,$50 000 university degree.

An obvious advantage of online learning is the convenience. There is no set time tables or classes to attend or attendance. The responsibility rests on you. Every webinar and online class can be completed at any time after the release. Every design, marketing campaign, sales funnel or virtual store can be created in your own time. Of course, this does not favor the lazy student who just wants to rock up to class, sleep and get a piece of paper at the end. This was me in my early life. Working online take discipline and the individuals who apply themselves are the ones that will benefit. For me, I was hooked from the start. The information I learned on my online course was so valuable because it made sense. I understood it and it was relative to the online world we live in now. If the online learning content is interesting, learning and applying the teachings is so much easier.

The SFM online Learning platform has over 6500 e-Learning courses in Business, Marketing, Creative and Technology (http://tidyurl.com/geyev9)

Online learning is more broad than a university degree, making it ideal for people who are not certain on their career path, or simply want to up-skill. The US Department of Education reported in 2014, 1 in 3 students enrolled in a associates or bachelors degree changed their major at least once in 3 years. Changing your degree results in wasted time studying and increases in student loans debts. The great thing about online learning is that you can apply it to anything you are interested in or passionate about. Whether you want to get increase your digital marketing skills to lead marketing campaigns for a big business, learn how to design websites and artwork, or turn your passion for health and fitness into an e-commerce store, with Youtube channels and weekly blogs. Everything you need to know about online business can be learnt through different platforms or the one sign up course.

Online learning focuses on YOU and how YOU can create a business and a skill that works for YOU. An university or college degree focuses on what you can do for an employer. With the advancements in technology, there are so many opportunities to start working for yourself online and earning a real and possibly lucrative online income. Online learning is suited to individuals that aspire to work for themselves and become entrepreneurs. You will find that it is not often the smart in life that are successful, but the bold. The individuals that sit in a university class are on the road to the 9-5 grind. The individuals that chase online learning and learn whats new, whats trending and what careers will be desirable in the future will be the first ones to succeed.


If you would like to watch the same video series I first watched that started me on my online journey, visit:


Its free and a ton of great information.

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