About Me

Hi I’m Blair, and welcome to, My Worldwide Office.


My World Wide Office represents the ideology that the world can be your office and you can be free to work, travel and live simultaneously.


My vision is to raise awareness that there is an alternative to the traditional job out there. Sometimes its so easy to have your life planned out for you and be on a one way path in a job you don't really like. The hardest part is just knowing what possibilities are out there and how you can find them.


I would describe myself as a lifestyle entrepreneur. What that means is, I can run my online business that lets me work anywhere, any place, all I need is my laptop. I place a high emphasis on lifestyle because doing this gives me the complete decision to live my life how I want.


Being  a lifestyle entrepreneur offers a life of freedom where your not tied to a desk and not stuck working your traditional 9-5 job. I work for myself and earn a passive income through online advertising and affiliate marketing.


My story


In 2007 I was about to finish high school in Australia and had no idea what I wanted to do for a career. My parents said I needed to go to University to get a degree so I could have a good job.  So that's what I did.  I studied Business and Commerce at Western Sydney University. I chose Business and Commerce because it was very broad and general and thought it could give me the most options. University was just like school. I didn't want to be there and had no passion or belief in what I was learning.


I skipped a lot of classes and zoned out in the lecture theater, where an jaded old guy would preach about something he had no experience in for 3 hours in front of about 500 people in the lecture theater who were equally as disinterested.  I chose to major in management because again it was the most general and the other specific majors didn't stand out to me. I graduated three years later after failing two classes and with average grades. I can honestly say I didn’t learn a thing.


After I graduated I was still in the same position. I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career. I had a degree but every single job advertisement online stated, 'Graduate position - must have at least 2 years experience'. I had a major in management but it wasn't like I could walk into an office and demand to be a manager with having zero experience in any field or niche.



The Drifter


Spot the difference?

The next few years, I drifted between jobs with zero direction in my life. I first worked in a call center and this was the worst job I have ever had. A headset was my  metaphorical ball and chain, gluing me to my desk. If you wanted to go to the toilet, you had to set yourself in admin setting otherwise the next call would drop in. While you were in admin, your name would appear in red in the office monitor screen. If you exceeded 10 minutes it would flash and the managers would come and look for you and demand you get back on the phones. I used to sit in my car in the morning and just imagine being in my car 8 hours later and escaping away form the phones.


I worked in a 2 man office for a packaging company for about a year. I took it because I was desperate as I had quit my job at the call center. Work was slow and the owner eventually said he had to let me go because he wasn't making any money. None of his advertising techniques were working and the rent for the office space was exceeding any money made in packaging sales.

My usual look while at work.


I had no desired to use my university degree for anything because I wasn’t really interested in anything. I remember scrolling through the job advertisement sites online for hours. Nothing appealed to me or excited me. I remember thinking ‘Is this it?’ ‘I don’t want to do any of these jobs’. I really didn’t know what else was out there, other than your classic office job or trade.


I took a job in a warehouse, receiving in furniture and packing trucks. I took the job because it was close to home and I didn't want to spend long hours commuting. It was tough work physically and I put in a lot of hours of overtime for nothing because the trucks would always come late. I didn't earn much money. I knew I should be doing more with myself but I was so lost and reluctant to work in a suit and tie in an office. I wasted two years of my life there.


I remember looking at the local job adds and thinking, ‘Is this it? I don’t want to do any of these jobs’

NSW Police Force


In 2015 I joined the NSW Police Force. After 8 months at the Police Academy, I became a Constable of Police. I was allocated to an area called Blacktown, which is in Western Sydney. Blacktown tops the state in burglaries, car theft and vandalism (NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research).


Being a police officer has widened my eyes to whats really out there. I found that the angry people  are the ones with no hope. The ones that sit around all day or hate their job. They don't have anything to look forward to and no direction in life. This leads to a toxic pattern of behavior. You cant litter the world in negativity, then wonder why you have a trashy life. I did learn how thankful I am for the environment that I live in now and the one that I was raised in, because it can often mold who you become.


For me being a cop was the middle ground - not an being stuck in an office and not working as a tradesman -maybe something exciting and to feel a sense of fulfillment and career satisfaction. I knew that wanted to do something with my life that matters.

Getting Engaged


In 2018, I got engaged to my partner Jacqui, which was the only thing in my life that made sense at the time. We bought a block of land about 20 minutes up the road and were about to start building a house on it. Jacqui was over the moon about, but I just couldn’t get excited. I  saw the next 30 years of my life before me. We would live in this house, I would go to work at my Police Station each day. We would pay off the mortgage each year, have some kids and then hopefully have enough money to retire comfortably.


I had so many dreams as a kid and I again found myself thinking, 'Is this it?'. I felt like there was still something missing. That there needs to be more to life than this. Often, we don't take the time out to look at the big picture and really think about what we want out of life. Its usually when a major milestone hits or a significant event, where we stop and really think. I knew I still wanted to do something big, something that really matters.

Discovering the video series


I was looking for some inspiration on YouTube one day and came across a 7 day video series on how to run an online business just from your laptop. The video series was by a group called, Six Figure Mentors (SFM). The founders, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are what I would call pioneers in the online marketing world. After about video 3 in the series I was hooked and can honestly say I learnt more in that damn video series than I did in three years at university.


I discovered how much the world is changing. There is 3.2 billion people on the internet today. By 2020 there will be 4 billion. The world is moving digital and many of the traditional jobs wont be around in the next 10 years. Therefore, there is now so many possibilities in the online world and so many avenues to make money that just weren't around before. On top of this, marketing is so much easier now when you can pinpoint your target market by tracking what websites they visit and what Facebook groups they like. Rather than advertising the old fashion way to everyone via billboards, magazines and TV. If you want to start up a business, its so much easier than before. Instead of having to buy/rent a store for your business, your website is now your storefront. Employing staff? That's now auto responders and virtual assistants. Learning all this opened my eyes to a career I would never of though about before.

Finding new hobbies


Me and friends posing in our wrestling ring.


I  began to rethink every aspect of my life. I used to be a huge pro wrestling fan. I stopped watching it because I was wasting hours every week watching something I wasn’t even that interested in anymore. I used to spend hours at a time playing video games. I would become immersed in them and I guess it was a form of escapism, imagining your someone else - a manager of the football team or some hero shooting zombies.


I stopped playing video games because every hour that I had spare I was diving further into my new passion. Only this passion was something real and something that had the opportunity to change my life and give me the fulfillment and challenge that I was looking for.


'I still wanted to do something big, something that really matters'


Waking Up


I hadn't read a book in about 4 years. I hadn't finished a book in 10. However, I started reading because I wanted to soak up everything I can and because everyone successful I researched said the same, 'read more books!' I read books like, Rich Dad Poor Dad  by Robert Kiyosaki– If you haven’t read it, do it!  The quote, 'The poor work for money, the rich make money work for them', completely resonated with me. I started to look at money and business very differently.


I set goals and deadlines. Goals are fantastic, because when you tell people about your goals, you become accountable for them, which means you are way more likely to try harder to achieve them.  Along with learning all this new information I was learning a lot about myself. I started to get up earlier in the morning. First, 7.30am then a few weeks later 7am,  a few more weeks, 6.30am and now 6am. I started to realize how important time is. I also worked on my negative thoughts. Its easier to be the one standing back, making judgement and watching someone fail. Whats harder is actually going for it and not caring what the people behind you are saying. In the end, it will be you successful after failure and they will still be behind you, sitting down, judging, staying where they are.


This journey turned into my job, hobby and interest all in one. I was consumed on the idea of how to earn an income online and change my life. I have to give SFM a huge credit for not only teaching me my online education but for injecting a completely fresh outlook of life into me.




For the about the last five years or so, I’ve been really focused on my health and fitness. I feel like it is the perfect example of how working full time online works. You cant just get some protein powder and a fancy gym membership and just expect to get ripped without going to the gym and eating right. It takes dedication. You have to continually be educating yourself on new material and knowledge. You have to have consistency and make sacrifices and you have to do what others will not.


I can't tell you how many times someone has said to me, 'Don't you get sick of eating that? How do you go to the gym after work when your tired?' I eat clean food because its the fuel I need to gain muscle. I go to the gym when I'm tired because I still need to work out. Its the same as starting a business online. You need consistency and you need to put in the hard work. Above all its discipline. Discipline is the gap between goals and accomplishment.

If you are to be successful online, you have to get the tools first, like getting mentors (someone smarter than you). Surround yourself with people who are successful and better than you at what you do. That way, you will learn from them and chase their success. If you surround yourself with people who are beneath you, you will eventually slip to their standards. Above all, invest with your education. The most powerful and valuable asset you have is you, your knowledge. Always keep learning and adapting to the market. I highly recommend SFM to give you your online education. After this, you have to put in a bloody hard amount of work. If you stick to this and continually improve and push yourself, you will see the same advantageous results.


So this is my story, what’s yours? Chances are you may see some similarities in your working career to mine. I’ve learned that it’s not really the smart people in the world that get ahead, but it’s the bold. The ones that are willing to go out of the norm and try something different. I would rather hustle 24/7 than slave the 9-5.


I was searching for something different for a long time. I encourage you to keep looking for your different and don’t settle for the standard career path, there’s so much more out there, if you know where to look.