Six Figure Mentors Review: What I’ve learned in 6 months

What have I learned in 6 months with The Six Figure Mentors? Anything that can go online, will go online! The Power of the list The best forms of marketing Sales Funnels How to Create Personal development SEO and Keywords and a whole lot more! For the full blog post click here  

what is a digital nomad?

What is a Digital Nomad?

For the full in-depth blog post, click here The rise of the Digital Nomad can be attributed to ‘The Digital Business Boom’. With the powers of the internet, it’s now more easier than ever before to make a real full time income just working online. The growing demand for online jobs and the improvements in […]

why you need a business mentor

Why you need a business mentor

In this video, I explain the many advantages of having a mentor and why you need a mentor for your business. Having a skilled and experienced person in your field to converse with and receive advice is just plain smart. For the blog version of this article, click here

why e-commerce is overtaking traditional retail

How e-commerce is overtaking traditional retail

With the announcement that e-commerce will overtake traditional retail by the year 2024, many are now seeing the obvious advantages and lucrative benefits of e-commerce. In my blog post, I examine exactly how e-commerce is overtaking traditional retail and how the average person can capitalize on this. The greatest benefit is that anyone can start […]

How to add the cookie consent popup on my website

How to add the cookie consent popup on my website

With passing of law 2009/136/ec the DDPR (general data protection regulation) raised a policy, stating that all websites from the European Union must notify it’s website visitors that their cookies were being tracked by that website. Therefore, it is essential now that website owners who either live in the European Union or have some traffic […]


90 Day Goal Challenge, April-June 2019

For my Goals of January-March 2019, Click here to read my review and see how I did, spoilers, not very well. The lesson is that life gets in the way of a lot of things. Although I failed the goals I set, by having a defined date and a review, I can reflect on what […]

How does the SFM 7 day FREE video series work?

What exactly is the SFM 7 day FREE video series and whats it all about? If your someone that’s looking to work full time online and you want a career change, then this is the video series for you! To access the FREE video series now, click here If you would like to read the […]